BNF on FormularyComplete


You can comply with NICE local formulary guidance for your NHS organisation with BNF on FormularyComplete

FormularyComplete is the only BNF product that can help you meet your local formulary needs as defined by NICE. It allows you to:

  • Export your information so you can publish your local formulary
  • View NICE technology appraisal summaries
  • Ensure safe decisions are made and improve patient care
  • Save time creating a local formulary.

For more information about BNF on FormularyComplete and a free demonstration, contact our sales team:

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7572 2266



What is BNF on FormularyComplete?

It's a unique management and communication tool that allows you to create, edit and manage local formulary content built upon the trusted prescribing advice of BNF and BNF for Children.

An easy-to-use editing interface means formulary managers can indicate formulary status, annotate the BNF with additional information and then publish centrally via your own organisation's intranet. Learn more.

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