There are two main priorities in medicines management today: optimising the use of medicines for patients, and adhering to local and national guidelines.

BNF on FormularyComplete helps you achieve these goals by providing better point-of-care access to expert BNF guidance. At the same time it improves the management and communication of local formulary information.

BNF on FormularyComplete provides:

1. Instant and reliable access to BNF and BNF for Children

You can install the entire content of BNF and BNF for Children on your organisation's intranet. This takes away the uncertainty of depending on an internet connection.

2. An editing framework where you can construct your local formulary

The framework allows you to use the BNF as a template on which to create, edit and manage your formulary local content.

It makes it easy for formulary managers to set formulary status; add unlicensed medicines into the formulary; annotate BNF content with other local information and alerts; and upload or link to your organisation's policy and procedures. 

3. A central place to publish all relevant guidance

Published via a central server, BNF on FormularyComplete can be networked within individual hospitals, health authorities, hospital trusts and organisations.

Busy pharmacists, doctors and nurses on the move can access it using remote or onsite PCs, or via their mobiles giving them access to essential information whenever its needed.

For further information on BNF on FormularyComplete see our Features page or download our product brochure.

Let your colleagues know that BNF on FormularyComplete is available at your organisation - download our Access Your Local Formulary Here poster.